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10 Things About Lulu

No 1. Run by me! Louise Rattray or Lulu for our little friends.


No 2. I have a degree and post grad qualification in psychological Counselling  but have been running my professional photography business for 8 years now since my son was born. I absolutely LOVE people- both inside and out! I used to work in a Psychiatric unit so I can handle a grizzling child!


No 3. My son has Cerebral Palsy, Autism and is TOF (Tracheal Oesophageal Fistula). See www.twomagiclegs.com

No 4. I think technology is brilliant. I love shiny new things and have a collection of cameras.

No 5. If I have heard it once I have heard it a million times but apparently I am 'unique' and 'very small'!

No 6. I think all photos should be edited- full stop! And I am a really good editor. I can make a bad picture look good, and an ok picture look FAB.


No 7   I think woman are AMAZING and I want to prove it. Click here to find out more girls!


No 8. My cats are the most photographed things EVER.



No 9. I am mad for reflections.


No 10. I am an archivist. I like documenting things. Although I still write a diary I feel like the web was made just for me to document things. I have 3 websites, love facebook but I don’t get hash tags!

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