Event photography is definitely part of my happy working life. I get to experience a whole range of events, to capture it for all to see. The key to any event photography is one of two halves. One is to NOT get in the way! And the other is to GET in the way! At baptisms, confirmations, award ceremony’s, graduations, sporting events etc the aim is to get yourself a front seat and blend in. You shouldn’t be seen, although everyone will know your there.


The other side to event photography is GETTING seen! Taking pictures of people who are attending events is really hard work. Melbourne Cup lunches, Mothers Day Lunches, Birthday parties, corporate events, charity work etc: they all have hundreds of guests and there are very few guests who naturally want their photos taken (unless they are teenagers!), but its my job to take them. So I make myself known. I chat to people, relax them but I tend not to give people a choice of having their photo taken! I can be forthright and a little bit bossy but I am doing it purely for THEIR own benefit. I will teach you how to stand, or sit whilst your photo is taken, and I promise to make the best out of every photo I take.


Event photography is quick. You have to be on the button when it happens. You might get 5 seconds to take portraits of reluctant event goer's, but with my finger on the shutter, and my eye on the crowd we will get some great shots.


Events I have photographed so far!!

• Baptisms/ Christenings/ Confirmations

• Bush Dances

• Mothers Day Lunches

• Melbourne Cup events

• School events- Big Breakfasts, tug of war, assemblies, crazy hair days, book week, graduations, musical concerts, Christmas carols etc

• Sporting Events- swimming, soccer, athletics, rugby, archery, cross country, tennis

• Festivals- Duran Duran, Fremantle Arts Festival,

• Quiz Nights, Charity Events such as galas and balls.

• Proms- before, during and after!

• Parties- from 0-100 years old! Birthdays and Anniversary’s.

• Discos

The list is always increasing and always interesting!

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