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• Digital photography is brutal- it shows every flaw on our skin, every unwanted wrinkle or blemish. Yes we want crisp, sharp images, but not if it accentuates the bits we don't like.


Why Women Matter

Scan of my beautiful sister. Soft focus and natural light with a bit of editing makes this picture one I can't keep my eyes off.

• If you think you look bad in a photo the chances are you shy away from having your photo taken. The reason why we have nice pictures of our children and even our husbands is because we take lots of them. If you only have 1 picture to choose from the chances are it will be rubbish. It's a self fulfilling prophesy- you feel rubbish about yourself, you won't let anyone take a photo (or no one ever offers to take a photo of you), you end up with one photo with you in it and you think you look rubbish, so you feel rubbish and wont let anyone take photos.

• Before digital photography the pictures would have a softness to them- it makes us girls look better. Men can hide under stubble and grow into old age like a warm duvet! Us poor girls struggle with confidence all ours lives and we have the photos to prove it!

We all look like Mountain Trolls as digital cameras are designed to show up detail.

But that’s why we edit!


• Allow yourself to be photographed more than once. I want you to look good and I will take a lot of photos of you.


• I will place your body to make it look good.


• And I will edit them. I take care to make sure the real you is shown in a photo. I want you to love the photo and what’s in it because that’s how others see you.









• I can prove the point when you look at wedding photos.

If you have had a wedding then I guarantee there is a photo of yourself that you like.

 Of course you are all dressed up and feeling great, but mostly its a numbers game.

The more pictures taken the better chance of having one you like!

TRY THIS- teenagers are the masters of selfies. Its a good lesson for those who feel shy. Put a bit of make up on and give yourself 50 selfie shots-


• Tip your head


• Raise your chin


• Try a smile and a non smile. See what suits you.


• Turn your body to one side.


• Try not to stand face on to the camera.


• Some photographers suggest shoulders back boobs out, others suggest rounding the shoulders to make you look slimmer.


• Lift your arms away from your body.


• Laugh and see what that looks like!

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