Where do you want to go today? Beach, Bush or stay at home.


The best thing about on-location photography is we can go anywhere (within reason of course... I won't jump out of a plane to photograph you!).

Children don't get bored going to the beach and collecting shells. Adventuring in the bush, or down the park or even your backyard means we can get a selection of photos from just one sitting.

Bring a change of clothes to change the mood. Come in a ball gown and meet me in a National Park- it makes unique photos. Change into your favorite jeans to change the essence of the photo. Simple colour palettes work really well but I LOVE a bit of colour so don't be afraid to go bold. Try to avoid any logos or brand names.


How the session works?

Booked for usually an hour we  meet at the desired location.

Bring water!

And a change of clothes.

Even bring your children's favourite toys, their huge Tonka truck or bucket and spade.


After introductions the photos start. I try to get as many posed shots taken straight away. Kids tolerances for sitting still doesn't last long and neither do smart clothes!

Play then starts. Running, jumping, singing, climbing, rolling, splashing, digging, hopping, spinning, throwing, balancing... we do it all.

After the session is finished, I give a treat to the children and we say goodbye.


The images are then taken to the studio where they are immaculately and imaginatively edited. Images are perfected, and then perfected some more.

All photoshoots packages are guaranteed to result in at least 30 fully edited images for you to keep.

Full resolution images are then provided on USB.

** Prices are quoted on a family of 4- 2 adults and 2 children. For each extra person add $25.00

** Locations are based on a 50km radius from The Swan Valley.


Other Print options are available. For full price list click here.

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